Sukuk & Foreign investment

Sukuk-&-Islamic-FinanceSukuk and Islamic Financing have been important in the financial markets of economic giants such as the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Luxembourg. In its fiscal year, the UK government issued approximately 500 million sovereign sukuk bonds. Bangladesh has gained exposure to Sukuk finance when the government issued the country’s first sovereign investment Sukuk in December 2020 to raise money. The inaugural Sukuk was almost fourfold oversubscribed, indicating that investing in such Sukuk is a new potential channel for Bangladesh’s financial markets.

Additionally, Islamic banks’ huge excess liquidity is having a negative effect, since Islamic banks are prohibited from investing in interest-bearing government assets owing to Shariah compliance issues. Additionally, the newly issued Sukuk enables investors to participate in Shariah-compliant securities with excess liquid assets.

3S Chambers maneuvered by Barrister A.SM Shahriar Kabir, has the depth and breadth of expertise and skill necessary to provide legal advice in financial issues. Our chambers offer comprehensive legal services in the area of sukuk financing, and we have advised many international investors on the country’s developing sovereign sukuk bond market. We have skilled Islamic finance experts who are extremely well-versed in structuring, documenting, and negotiating complicated transactions while also innovating Shari’ah-compliant techniques like those associated with asset financing, bank financing, regulation, project financing, hedging, and derivatives transactions. Our experienced legal team, which includes Barristers and Advocates of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, will pave the road for you to enter Bangladesh’s growing financial sector. Additionally, our chambers advised major financial institutions in Bangladesh with legal and corporate compliance. Your decision-making is of the greatest importance to us in this endeavor.

Foreign Investment and Project Finance
Project finance is concerned with the development and financing of infrastructure across a variety of sectors and geographies. It is a method of financing a particular asset in which lenders or investors look to the revenue generated by the asset to repay the debts used to develop the asset. 3S Chambers represents a diverse clientele in both domestic and cross-border operations, including developers, private equity sponsors, investors, debtors, creditors, and other significant entities.

We represent a broad variety of lenders and investors on the finance side, including commercial banks, export credit and other government agencies, international financial organizations, and development finance institutions. Additionally, we represent property owners/developers seeking funding from such lenders/investors.

3S Chambers has a broad and well-established practice across a range of sectors. We are engaged in a variety of pure infrastructure projects, including ports, airports, toll roads, bridges, and similar assets. Additionally, our practice expertise ranges from traditional energy initiatives, such as natural gas, to cutting-edge renewable energy practices.

3S Chambers, led by Barrister A.S.M Shahriar Kabir, also has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating a wide variety of financing and security documentation; engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) agreements; Balancing Modernization Rehabilitation Erection (BMRE) projects; professional services agreements; equipment sale/purchase agreements; warranty agreements; operations and maintenance agreements; and joint development agreements.

Due Diligence
Prior to purchasing a company or corporation, a comprehensive study or audit of the target business or corporation is always conducted. Due diligence is the term used to describe the research process. Its objective is to identify possible hazards that need further attention.

Due diligence may include all company elements, such as legal, financial, taxes, commercial, technical, management, physical property, and intellectual property.

The team of barristers and advocates at 3S Chambers have extensive experience with the reporting and handling of complicated acquisition and investment situations. With the firm’s extensive experience in a diverse area of law, 3S Chambers is able to offer realistic, added-value commercial advise to the prospective acquirer or investor.

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