Arbitration, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Arbitration-Mediation-and-ADR3S Chambers, over the years gained its reputation for achieving dynamic ends in alternative dispute resolution, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration, both internationally and countrywide.

Having worked with knowledge and understanding with the key institutional arbitrations, including ICC, SIAC, ICSID, GAFTA, SAL, PCA, UNCITRAL, enlarged our skillful experience in the realm of arbitration. Our arbitration team has mastery command, knowledge and understanding over all its Rules under each institutionalized arbitration bodies and ad-hoc arbitrations. With affiliation with foreign notable chambers and legal practitioners from London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore, Seychelles, Mauritius, Malaysia, India, as well as across Continental Europe, the chamber offers comprehensive legal solutions to cater the requirements of our clients, let be in home or abroad.

The Head of Chambers, Barrister ASM Shahriar Kabir and his arbitration team has extensive mastery experience in international arbitration, both as counsel and arbitrator and held in high esteem, not least for their integrity and ethical standards. Starting with advising on suitability of arbitration for your need in commercial agreements or your business dealings, we help in drafting tailored arbitration clauses for all your requirements, designing arbitration clauses tailored both in commercial and non-commercial agreement. Our arbitration experts represented clients in international commercial and investment treaties, particularly recognized for their expertise in the commodities industry, complex financial products, natural resources, energy sector, machineries and banking, and in particular, the sector we accomplished the greatest success was in the Admiralty, Voyage and Time Charters arbitrations.

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