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3S Chambers, a niche legal chamber with experience of over 50 years, strives to provide highest quality of services while ensuring complete client satisfaction and endeavors to reach clients’ goals and business strategies through perseverance and ethical standards.

Adopting a new type thinking and vanguard legal technologies to help clients overcome challenges of competing in today’s new world economic order is our excellence. With a dynamic team of both experienced and rising legal minds, we continuously thrive towards thinking outside of the box and design bespoke legal solutions for our clients.

We are a ‘one-firm’ legal chambers métier in Arbitration, Admiralty, Voyage and Time Charter, Commodities and Mercantile Disputes, Foreign Investment, Project Finance and Due Diligence, Tender disputes and all Civil Litigation.

3S Chambers

Why Clients Choose Us?

At 3S Chambers, we began our journey with an unwavering commitment to putting the interest of our clients first. From the inception, we have held ourselves to the highest ethical standards in designing bespoke, value-added legal solutions while never compromising with client confidentiality. We have an established reputation for delivering creative, specialized and responsive legal advice on the most complex and innovative matters.

Our team of experienced counsels is focused on achieving the intended results with each representation. While expertly strategizing the next step in the process, we always have our focus on achieving the desired relief for our clients at each stage of litigation. Aligning our culture, structure and strategies, we have developed a system of providing legal service that is centered around one goal – CLIENT SATISFACTION.

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